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Zenver Yoga Studio Denver Colorado
Zenver Yoga Studio

Zenver Yoga

3729 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Zenver Yoga is owned and operated by a beautiful person within Ali Bullano. They will make you feel welcome from the very start and are open to people of all levels of experience. They pride themselves on providing support along your yoga journey, from the new person to the seasoned vets of yoga.

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You will expect to experience some form of meditation in every class you attend. This is a true experience of bliss with a complete sound of meditation music and relaxing lighting. Their mission to provide a safe place to heal and to connect with your inner soul and to trust your limitations of the mind.

Zen Denver is your place of zen and a place to always feel safe and relaxed. Here you will easily feel comfortable in your own skin along with friends and support. After attending a class where you will feel refreshed and centered as you go back into the world.