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Whole Yoga Studio Karyn Karlson
Whole Yoga Studio Denver CO

Whole Yoga

1735 E. 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Karyn still teaches the same yoga and meditation class she started teaching back in 2000 when she first opened the studio. That class is now the heart of the Whole Yoga community. Nowadays, the teachers that Vajra and I trained are seasoned practitioners and we think they’re the most wholehearted yoga instructors in the Denver metro area

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We’ve grown and evolved with Whole Yoga as our home base. Our students feel that same homeyness and they settle in with us and we breathe, move and sit quietly, together. We always keep it simple and we continually become the small village that keeps Whole Yoga a humble, neighborhood, yoga studio.

At Whole Yoga we are open about why we practice and teach yoga, we are as real as we can be. We don’t blast loud music or the heat. We don’t have mirrors in our studio, we have inspiring quotes and sacred art to uplift your heart.