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Vital Strength And Fitness Gym Denver Colorado
Vital Strength And Fitness Denver Colorado

Vital Strength And Fitness

800 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

They have everything from 1000 square feet of turf for functional and athletic training, to an MMA area complete with mats and heavy bags, to plenty of cardio and weight machines, as well as a huge variety of free weights. Start your week off right, and be sure to take care of your body. Vital Strength and Fitness has top of the line trainers that not only wants customers to hit their goals but be the best version of themselves.

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Unlike any other gym in Denver, we strive to provide a variety of training services and give you the best trainers in the business. Results are achieved with more than just exercise, it is about lifestyle with nutrition as a key component. 

Vinnie Lopez has over 12 years of training experience. He is a retired professional MMA fighter with Team Elevation in Denver, and he has fought for several different national promotions. Vinnie now coaches for Team Elevation with kick boxers and MMA fighters.