Best Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms In Denver Colorado
Ubergrippin Indoor Climbing Crag Gym Denver Colorado
Ubergrippin Indoor Climbing Crag Gym

Ubergrippin Indoor Climbing Crag

8610 E. 21st Ave, Denver, CO 80238

Want a full-service experience at Ubergrippin Indoor Climbing Crag? A personal guide will take you and your friends/family to the most appropriate climbs, providing personal belaying on any top-ropes, and assist with both bouldering and auto-belays.

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Take a class with one of our certified climbing instructors to learn the fundamentals of climbing (knots, belaying, communication, safety checks, and basic technique) to help you gain independent access to 90% of our climbs.

The location makes it easy to access Ubergrippn Indoor Climbing Crag throughout NE Denver and North Aurora Neighborhoods as well as from I-70 and the Fitzsimons Medical Campus.