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Sup Town CrossFit

1611 Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027

Sup Town CrossFit is powered by owner Nick Gilbreath of Superior. He strongly believes the power of crossfit lays within the community of members. The coaches and members empower one another to become the best version of themselves. No question, crossfit will make you fitter and healthier.

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The classes go for one hour at Sup Town CrossFit. Every class consists of a variety of functional movements of stretching, strength, mobility, gymnastics, and olympic lifting. They will guide you along your fitness journey as long as you let them help you progress to your goals.

People are surprised by the results of crossfit once they transition to what they were doing before like bodybuilding style workouts with a bit of cardio. You will discover after starting crossfit how your overall fitness will be increased to a level you never experienced before. It is simply one of the best ways to get fit and live life.