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Prospect CrossFit

5608 Yukon St, Arvada, CO 80002

Prospect CrossFit is owned by Trish O’Donnell and is located in the West Arvada. These facilities are nothing less than state-of-the-art, far from your typical box gym setup. Your not going to find fancy ellipticals or any type of complex weight machines, you’ll quickly learn it’s about using your body weight and real weights with natural movements.

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When your ready and make the decision to comment to getting yourself into the best shape in your life while being apart of an awesome community, it’s time to get involved with Prospect CrossFit in Arvada. They welcome anyone onboard no matter their fitness level, it’s about keeping strong and staying healthy!

Doing crossfit for the first time is like learning an entirely new sport, some movements are very technical. They won’t throw you right into clean n jerks and snatches. Instead, they take the time to teach new members the movements which assist in gaining confidence. Enjoy the journey!