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Movement Climbing & Fitness Denver Colorado
Movement Climbing & Fitness

Movement Climbing + Fitness

2 Denver Colorado Indoor Climbing Locations

Movement Climbing & Fitness was started in 2009 by Mike & Anne-Worley Moelter and been going strong ever since. They pride themselves on running the first full-service Denver rock climbing gym powered by renewable energy. Up to 80% of the gym is powered by solar power and most lighting is natural.  

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Movement RiNo located in the River North Art District of Denver is the first community concept of combining a food truck park, beer garden, and cafe. This location was once a tin factory converted in 2018 by Movement Climbing + Fitness, which is over 40,000 square feet and an astonishing 250 plus problems. This area caters to the unique personalities of that make the RiNo great.

Movement Baker is located in a niche historic district of Denver. Baker has a friendly neighborhood vibe with a rising art scene. This rock climbing gym definitely caters to the inner city outdoor enthusiasts. The location was established in 2014 and is over 32,000 square feet with 120 plus bouldering problems to solve with the walls ranging from 25-50 feet.