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2546 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302

Mecha’s RESISTANCE classes follow the Lagree Fitness method which borrows elements from Pilates to create a zero-impact, no-rest, 50-minute experience. They use the Megaformer machine to build deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury.

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Mecha offers a number of different types of CARDIO+ (“cardio plus”) classes. Each of our classes are programmed based on High-Intensity Interval-Training (HIIT), to give you an efficient and effective workout. All CARDIO+ classes will get your heart pumping through sprints, time trials, and endurance intervals using low-impact cardio equipment.

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Hybrid classes fuse CARDIO+ and RESISTANCE training into a single incredible experience. HYBRID classes are perfect for those who want the most efficient full-body workout imaginable. They recommend that you take at least one normal RESISTANCE class prior to taking a HYBRID because there is no time in a HYBRID class to receive a proper RESISTANCE orientation.