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Living Yoga Studio Denver Colorado
Living Yoga Studio

Living Yoga

1776 S Jackson St #810, Denver, CO 80210

Living Yoga is owned by 3 fine folks in Courtney Tarpley, Liz Schulman, and Richard Villella. This is a great wellness studio based in Denver with an agenda to cater to people of all levels. They have a collaborative center and their yoga studio has certified iyengar instructions, such a beautiful studio.

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A peaceful place combining family counseling, massage therapy, energy healing, and mediation. Iyengar is a style of practicing and teaching yoga. This type of yoga is accessible to all through creative ways of reaching out clearly to every individual involved with Living Yoga. This experience will become a transformation that can be life-changing to anyone.

Living Yoga is extremely supportive of local artists. They are honored to support them by displaying their pieces of art throughout the wellness center. It provides a unique space of original dimension, shape, creativity, space, and color. Each unique art piece is also available for purchase for those who appreciate true beauty.