I Help Highly Driven Women Stay Active From Home And Lose 12 lbs During All This Coronavirus Madness

Hello LinkedIn Group Member,

Probably just like you, I have been going a little stir crazy around the house with nearly everything shut down. Been receiving lots of feedback and questions from people here in the Denver area regarding how to start working out from home and best things to do within our Linkedin group.

There is a wide variety of home workouts from basic situps to having a full-blown home gym. Over the years I have found the best practical way to consistently work out from home is having a variety of 30-minute max video workout programs streamed on your TV or Laptop. Bonus if you have an online group or coach to keep you accountable while having fun and staying on track with a program.

Found Beachbody on Demand the best bang for the buck on the market. They have over 1000 workouts and add new programs every year. So, it’s a simple one-stop shop for all the home workouts you will ever need.

They have put together some of the most well-known fitness instructors and programs under one roof.

Learn the hard way that my eating habits couldn’t be the same in my 30’s compared to my 20’s when I was way more active. After fine-tuning 4 principles of “Nutrition”, Training, Mindset/Accountability, and Education I was able to dial in simple healthy like habits which for some of you might be common sense.

After going through some trial and error during my weight loss journey I created a 12-week challenge program for myself that even I was surprised at the consistent weekly results. I ate 4 times a day (majority of my dinner meals were from hellofresh.com/recipes), Morning Detox Drink (basic ingredients you can get from Walmart, Surprise!), did early morning workouts 5 days a week, had Shakeology shakes, and mixed in some intermittent fasting (light eating 12-8pm) once I started to plateau. At this point, I find cutting weight the easy part.

The challenge is keeping the weight off upon reaching target goals; hence, one of the reasons for starting up this group while connecting with some super talented and professional people in the Denver area.

How to get started during these Quarantine Times?

Click Here For Beachbody on Demand 14-Day Free Trial select 3-month option

My 2 Favorite Beginner to Intermediate Home Workout Programs: 30-Minutes Max

21 Day Fix

My 4 Favorite Intermediate to Advanced Home Workout Programs: 30-Minutes Max

21 Day Fix Extreme
Morning Meltdown 100

Provided above is a great option for you to keep active from home while being involved with our group during coronavirus season. However; if you are someone who looks at working out from home as more of a year-round option and looking to up your nutrition then I highly recommend the Beachbody Challenge Pack.

As our linkedin group evolves, Would Love To Hear Your Feedback, Please respond back with Me in Linkedin Chat with one of the options listed below:

1) Thanks, not interested at this time

2) Yes, would like to do these home workouts on my own.

3) Yes, would like to do home workouts involved with an online accountability group.

4) Yes, want to do home workouts and step up my all around nutrition involved with 1-on-1 online coaching

You can also ask me any questions or give me feedback.

Thanks for checking this page and here’s to Healthier times.

Chris Jones

P.S. Have been in the process of launching a 12-week online 1-on-1 personal trainer program. But with these abnormal circumstances I thought having people involved now would be great way to help more people get up and moving from home a bit sooner.


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