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Kondition Fitness

3161 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80301

Take a break from the demands of life and enjoy a sweaty yet purposeful power vinyasa flow class that will kondition your body, focus your mind and empower your spirit at Kondition Fitness by Emily Straight. This class is very much inclusive so don’t be shy. 

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Add some high-intensity & high-energy to your yoga practice with sKulpt! Your Vinyasa flow will be infused with strength training and cardio exercises, resulting in a whole body class that works every muscle group. You’ll build strength, develop greater body awareness and end in a sweaty savasana that will leave you wanting more.

Our KonditYIN // Relax class is a 60 minute Yin and myofascial release class that complements our strength and cardio-based classes. This is the class you’ve been waiting for if you have tight muscles, trouble relaxing, reoccurring pain/injuries, tension, stress, or trouble sleeping. Can’t touch your toes? This is for you! Can’t get rid of that lower back pain? This is for you