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6 Denver Colorado Yoga Studio Locations

We do things differently. Students can pay any amount they want to come to class. We embrace many styles of yoga, and encourage our teachers to share their most unique offerings. Our spaces are anything but cookie-cutter: each one reflects the neighborhood it serves. The recipe works – after just a few years in business.

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Under the mindful guidance of founders Patrick and Cameron Harrington, Kindness Yoga is proud to represent an all-levels, ever-expanding family of practitioners learning to tap into their full physical, emotional and spiritual potential. Come join us and experience the difference Kindness makes. Do you want to live in more alignment with your dreams? Living the life you’ve dreamed of is possible.

Kindness creators Patrick Harrington and Cameron Dabney are doing it! They want to share with you the experience and practices that have made their personal leap into bi-coastal living possible.

Kindness Yoga Bonnie Brae

2326 E. Exposition Avenue, Denver, CO 80209

(303) 353-9125

Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill

1280 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203

(720) 477-3463

Kindness Yoga Hilltop

455 S Hudson St, Denver, CO 80246

(303) 388-3000

Kindness Yoga Platte Street

1539 Platte St, Suite 207, Denver, CO 80202

(303) 433-0061

Kindness Yoga RiNo

3563 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205

(720) 281-9088

Kindness Yoga South Broadway

1947 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80223

(303) 927-7709