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fort collins athlete factory

Fort Collins Athlete Factory

301 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Fort Collins Athlete Factory is powered by owner Justin Thompson. They have one of the best team of coaches in Northern Colorado with over 10,000 plus hours among the team among years. They have a skilled team for strength and coaching, personal trainers, massage therapist, track and field, and olympic weightlifting.

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No need to worry if you have never done crossfit before. The elements of classes are done in a way that caters to all levels of fitness for the members. At For Collins Athlete Factory they will teach you the basics of crossfit and make you feel comfortable from the start. They will take the time to walk you through the facility.

They also have a mountain camp to get their members outside. It’s a weekend-long all-inclusive fitness camp for athletes of all fitness levels. They put on 4 separate workouts including WOD, breakout seminars, and community building within the backyard of the Rocky Mountains.