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Fit Focr

14560 Holly St, Brighton, CO 80602

FIT FOCR is the only place in the Denver Metro Area where you can practice on the actual obstacles from the races. They have 25+ obstacles from Spartan, NorAm/OCRWC, Conquer the Gauntlet, Savage, Tough Mudder, etc. They also have a 400M track to run race simulations.

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Everyone knows this feeling… you bend over, you pick up something, you go to stand up and OUCH! you’ve just pulled something.  Not fun! Something that Fit Focr owners Mark Salvador and Janelle Bott take to heart.

That’s where functional fitness comes in. Functional Fitness focuses on  movements and exercises that  mimic everyday movements such as picking up a bag of groceries,  carrying your child, or doing yard work. These workouts will decrease your chance of an injury!