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Decima CrossFit

9126 W Bowles Ave #2b, Littleton, CO 80123

Nick Philpot is the owner of Decima CrossFit bringing some fun to those high-intensity workouts you gonna enjoy. You will learn that all crossfit workouts are based upon functional movements which reflect the best of running, rowing, gymnastics, weightlifting and much more. You’ll quickly get better at the core movements of life.

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They fully take in the crossfit methodology at Deima CrossFit. They are a community based on the common denominator of everyone becoming the best version of themselves. They discover each others weaknesses and strive to conquer them together. They suffer together while at the same time get strong together as a whole.

Decima CrossFit is a company centered around helping each other through the vast community of members. They strive on bringing the highest quality of fitness around in a well-established environment of health and wellness. You will be able to learn and grow within this 5,000 square foot facility.