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CrossFit WatchTower

4211 S Natches CT, Englewood, CO 80110

CrossFit WatchTower owner Kevin Ogar will provide a workout every day from (WOD) workout of the day. The consistent variation of exercises will help you keep your workouts fun and ongoing. You’ll become healthier and happier you and achieve your goals at the gym and also outside the gym. 

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As one of the leading CrossFit Gyms in Denver, they make providing safety a priority and create a supportive place for all members to move forward with their fitness journey whether a CrossFit pro or just getting started. With a tight group of people, it’s definitely a comfortable place to be involved with.

Kevin brings to the table his level 3 certification as a CrossFit Trainer here in Denver. He has been involved in CrossFit coaching since 2008 and also highly dedicated to CrossFit as a Seminar Staff level 1 member.