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CrossFit Roots

2406 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301

CrossFit Roots is ignited by partner owners Eric and Nicole Christensen. They first opened the doors to this crossfit gym back in 2009 in a simple single car garage. Travel in time to the present they are now running strong in a 9,800 square foot facility in boulder. CrossFit Roots is known as one of the best training facilities.

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They are the base for fitness rebels, believing consistent, hard work, and responsibility to the local community. They wake up excited to work out on a daily basis. They embrace challenges knowing the atmosphere of dedicated people striving to be successful with each others goals.

They believe keeping each motivated will promote hard work and community. Also, they are big into advising clean eating because of their way of life at CrossFit Roots. They love to celebrate each other’s accomplishments towards individual goals. You will find here there is a lot more involved than just burning some calories.