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CrossFit DeCo Gym

Denver DeCo

923 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

CrossFit DeCo is a CrossFit gym in downtown Denver ran by Leslie Friedman. Although they have a great location for CrossFit training, they also offer other great services. These services include personal training, physical therapy, group workouts, and massage services.

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CrossFit DeCo has an amazing team of staff to help everyone in the gym meet their goals. Leslie strives to create a gym with all the amenities people want. She also hopes to create a certain atmosphere in the gym; she wants a gym where she can know everyone and they can know her.

This is a community of people who love to workout and can encourage each other as they do so daily. As you can see, the CrossFit DeCo is a great CrossFit gym in Denver. If you are looking for a new gym, it could be the place for you!