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Compass Fitness Gym Denver Colorado
Compass Fitness

Compass Fitness

2059 S Broadway #4006, Denver, CO 80210

Compass Fitness is an amazing journey to develop the body, mind, and soul. This place has a great community of people which you easily find to be motivating. Here you can expect to discover the best version of yourself as you explore this gym. So, you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to stop in learning more.

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The coaches here are highly experienced, reputable, and not to mention a fun bunch too. They do a mix of group classes including yoga, core, kickboxing, cardio, and agility all in one location. Compass Fitness offers a unique sound system and events to their gym.

compass fitness gym group

What separates this place from the other surrounding gyms, the founders! Jillian Keaveny, Heather Harrington, Tara Laferrara, and Taylor Ames add a special flair this Denver gym which anyone would find intriguing. They are strongly committed to the community and space which you will need to experience to appreciate.