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Clout Fit Colorado

1250 Simms St STE 103, Lakewood, CO 80401

Tara Carillo is the owner of Clout Fit Colorado and is always asked what is the meaning behind “clout”. It’s simple anybody with clout has power or influence among people. They feel they have a unique gym atmosphere of a facility that focuses on High-Intensity classes ranging from barbell movements to gymnastics.

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Clout Fit Colorado is based in an open warehouse, may not look like much on the outside, however, you will be blown away when stepping into this facility with an astonishing 8500 square foot of space. You will find all the equipment you would ever need and a fun community to keep you accountable towards those goals.

They also off an open gym to the members who attend the classes when classes are not in session. Four times a week they provide HIIT classes that utilize functional movements that you might find blend well with your everyday lifestyle.