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Boulder CrossFit

2480 49th St, Boulder, CO 80301

Boulder CrossFit is powered by Zach Trevor and his team of coaches. Their community is all about being the best shape ever, but to also have fun during the process and making new friends along the way. All the members keep each other motivated to reaching individual goals set by people.

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Their coaches will make sure to know your name since the classes are limited to 12 people per class, so you won’t just be a number at Boulder CrossFit. They truly care about the person you are in and outside of the gym environment, diversity is key for growth. So no matter you background or athletic level you will feel welcome here.

Boulder CrossFit offer a variety of classes, mobility clinics, seminars on nutrition, competitions, personal training, and much more. They are located near Valmont City Park and the Boulder Creek Path. The have a great spot to mix indoor and outdoor type of workouts.