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Boulder Athletics

3240 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301

Park and Kelsi Roberts are the owners and motivation behind the wheel of Boulder Athletics. They believe you should live life at one adventure at a time, then onto the next. They train members to enjoy life, play hard, and live life to your fullest. The classes will range from 45-60 minutes, but the results you will gain are everlasting.

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They are quick to adapt to the changes which occur in our lives, showing the diversity they have within their community. They seem to know how to roll with the punches and keep training and consistent at Boulder Athletics. You will find this place is all you need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Your first visit to Boulder Athletics is free of charge, so you can see and feel if this crossfit gym is the best fit for your lifestyle. What makes this gym different than others, simple they absolutely love what they do. The team here strives to make every day and work the best part of your day.