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Big Power Yoga Studio Denver Colorado
Big Power Yoga Studio

Big Power Yoga

2470 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205

Big Power Yoga is powered by Nancy Perry & Laura Rust. They believe what is trained on the mat is a way to live a better prosperous life when you’re off the mat. They will have a full support network here from the first moment you walk inside to this downtown Denver yoga studio.

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The core of the heart here is bound by kindness, courage, and inclusivity which is recognized in everything they do. They will go great lengths for their members because they know the unity of the group is so much stronger. Though each person is unique, everyone is essential to contribute as a whole

If your looking to make a difference then you will find the support here when you show up to particapte. They all share the empowering practice of Baptiste Yoga, so you know what it takes to achieve your goals and will have friends help you get there.