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alpine training center
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Alpine Training Center

1840 Commerce St, Boulder, CO 80301

At the Alpine Training Center, you will get in touch with your inner love of working hard and it will pay off faster and with greater results than any workout. Connie Sciolino is the owner of this gym in Boulder and known for leading some of the toughest, most effective workouts for members.

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The Alpine Training Center offers strength and conditioning training for all types of athletes. From professional mountain guides to avid recreationists, our unique and proven programming focuses on three specific goals: Promote full-body strength, increase work capacity, amount of work produced in a set period of time, and Build stamina.

Connie holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Montana State University and is a certified strength and conditioning coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Her sports of choice include skiing, running and rock climbing.