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When walking into a gym or studio deciding whether to join, be mindful of your motivation and goals. Fitness clubs have personalities, just like people. Don’t allow the high-pressure tactics that some salespeople use to hinder your decisions.

Choosing the best gyms in Denver for you is about finding the personality that fits your lifestyle. How did you instantly feel when you walked in the door? Are you looking for a social atmosphere, do you want an elegant environment, having access to a variety of amenities a priority too you, do you like a laid back quiet place, a small neighborhood feel, or just the bare necessities type?

Ask them questions like what is the cancellation policy, is daycare an option and the daycare hours, is personal training available, is there a guest pass policy? The sales rep should be available to walk you through the facility and answer your questions.

If the club offers a free trial, give it a shot, but don’t abuse it free trials are a privilege. By using trial sessions you can get a true feel for the gym or studio and more aware of making a life-transforming decision.

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